The Strange Alliance


In my previous article I elaborated on the various types of Islamic extremism. To better understand this article, it´s useful to refer to the previous one, for context.

In this article I will discuss left wing extremism, or more specifically a strange alliance that has formed between an extreme faction of the left and Islamic extremism. Firstly, I would like to point out that it is of course not all the left, before leftwing people start jumping up and down in protest, but a certain faction that tends to be found on the left.
This alliance could be confusing at first glance, but it makes more sense when you understand how that faction thinks.
The extremist faction in the left are the postmodernists. Who view everything and everyone only through the lens of power structures and power dynamics, and extreme collectivism where they have sorted everyone out into oppressor group vs oppressed group, according to some identity hierarchy based largely on some biological aspects or ethnicity, with little capacity to see the individual.

This ideology of the postmodernist left requires a victim, for it to be sustained, so they nurture or create victimhood, even when it is not warranted.

This victimhood complex industry leads to certain groups resenting the society and feeling alienated from it and makes integration a tougher job.

They also have what seems to be postcolonial guilt which could be taken as far as blaming the west for everything, leading to some sort of anti-western sentiment and a fetishization of non-western cultures.

In addition to that or because of that, they subscribe to cultural relativism. They assert that non-western values can only be understood within the context of their native culture, and that swedes or white people cannot understand or evaluate them through their western culture criteria and it’s not up to them to pass judgment on these values.
This usually leads to moral relativism, with claims that no value is objectively good or bad and that it can only be so in a subjective sense, within certain cultural or historical context.

In addition, they have also identified the oppressor group as the white man and the oppressed group as nonwhite Muslims, and that makes them extremely unwilling to criticize ultra conservative reactionary values within the group that is perceived as oppressed, or impose what they see as western values on them. But the result of that is that they fail the individuals who are oppressed within these communities, especially among women, LGBT people and ex-Muslims, and also damage the efforts of progressives within these communities who are pushing for reform.

All of the above combined is very convenient for Islamic extremists of the three categories, because it makes them able to push their own ideas and narrative since no one would be willing to criticize or challenge them. Also enables both the Islamic extremists

and the postmodernist left to throw the accusations of racism or “islamophobia” at anyone who dares to talk about the relevant problems and legitimate concerns, and thereby to shut down debate and neutralize criticism.

So what to do? What is the solution?
The word assimilation has a bad reputation but now I am not speaking about celebrating

Midsommar or Christmas or eating “sill och potatis” and “Julskinka”, I am talking about assimilation of certain moral values.
when it comes to the values of equal rights, the rights of LGBT people and gender equality, we need to have a moral assimilation in our society, and we really need to totally drop cultural and moral relativism and be absolutely clear on what values we stand for.

It’s also of paramount importance to safeguard the main pillars of a free and open society, freedom of thought and freedom of speech. And stop the obsession with political correctness that often leads to a combination of both censorship and self-censorship and then one cannot talk about the problems honestly or clearly and hence cannot tackle them.

We also need to make clear that while everyone is of equal value and everyone is welcome, not all ideas, values or traditions are of equal value and not all of them are welcome in our society.


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